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Pan Calendars

Before you use Pan Calendars

The Pan Calendar App is continuously evolving and is currently in stage five of development.

Using Pan Calendars

Pan Calendars display your calendar events on a timeline, enabling you to easily see upcoming events across time periods, using simple gestures.

Unlike traditional calendar displays, Pan Calendars allows multiple timelines across different timezones to be clearly displayed in unison within a simple and easy to use interface.

The current version of Pan Calendars can utilise the built in calendar, and you can import an existing Google Calendar.

What is the Focus Line?

Within Pan Calendar, the focus line represents the current time across each calendar time zone at that point in time. You may drag the calendar forward or backward to view future and past events as they fall on the focus line within the calendar.

Using the Settings menu you can customise the style of information displayed. For example, you may choose to allocate icons to certain events or alternatively set an event descriptor pop-up.

Add a Google Calendar

Press + and complete the form. This requires an existing Google calendar.

Add an Event

Press + and complete the form.


The Pan calendar automatically synchronises with the device calendar and likewise synchronises the Google Calendar.


Within the Settings menu you can turn on or off the following; Focus, Popups, Segments, Google Logon, and a Dark or Light Background


For further support, contact Pan Calendars.

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