The Calendar You Need To See.

Pan Calendar™
Australian Patent: 2015203181
Patent Corporation Treaty; International Application No. PCT/AU2015/050326

Pan Calendars

See the events on your horizon clearer than ever before.

Elegant and simple, the curves of the timeline lay out the course of your day, week and month ahead. Speed up, slow down, zoom in, zoom out. The choice is yours.

Pan Calendars

Easily coordinate meetings across different time zone.

Synch your meetings with other people’s calendars or programmes.

Pan Calendars

Import and go.

Use your existing calendar from either your device or google calendars.

Pan Calendars
Pan Calendars

Your Schedule. Your Path To See.

Pan Calendars is specifically engineered to provide maximum event visibility, across one or more time zones of your choice.

Pan Calendars
Pan Calendars

About Pan Calendars

Pan Calendars is and innovative new way of displaying events specifically designed to replace the congestion of traditional calendar layouts. The streamlined display allows users to easily view a multitude of varying events across multiple timelines.

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